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Why Smart Server instead of a VPS?

Why Smart Server instead of a VPS?

Smart Servers are very much a buzz word, but it’s a buzz word that works. I’d like to first explain what a Smart Server is while citing some of what we provide on our Smart Servers page:

Smart Server is a dedicated server with a Smart Management Layer on top. This allows us to sub-divide a bare-metal server into smaller increments while still offering dedicated resources, resulting in lower prices for consumers.

Why Smart Server instead of a VPS

The primary benefit most users will get out of a Smart Server versus a Virtual Private Server is guaranteed specifications. With a VPS you will either get shared space and be able to use the specifications on demand, or you get a caged grouping which still can be affected by other tenants on the server. A Smart Server will never be affected by other users on the same hardware and there’s typically only 2-4 others on a given system.

Cost comparison between the two is also marginal, so it can sometimes provide a nice transition from a VPS but not yet to a dedicated server when you need that extra kick in resource availability. Stop allowing neighbors on a VPS plan slow your system down!

You can find a cost comparison base on specifications below, which show a comparison between both a standard SATA hard drive plan, but a SSD plan of each tier as well.

SpecificationSmart ServerVirtual Private Server  
COST$29.99 - ORDER$23.99 - ORDER
Processor2 Dedicated CPU Threads (3GHz+)3 Virtual Cores (2GHz)
Disk Space120GB SATA400GB SATA

SpecificationSmart ServerVirtual Private Server  
COST$39.99 - ORDER$29.99 - ORDER
Processor2 Dedicated CPU Threads (3Ghz+)3 Virtual Cores (2Ghz+)
Disk Space60GB SSD40GB SSD

All of our servers come with free DDoS-Defense™, basic support and a fully featured control panel. If you have a need for managed services we also offer that for a small fee.

Have questions about our datacenter? Feel free to submit a support ticket and ask us!

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Why Smart Server instead of a VPS?


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